The Buckeye Naturists

About the Club

The Buckeye Naturists was a non-landed, family-oriented social nudist club in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1985, TBN was affiliated with The Naturist Society, a national naturist organization. Our membership was open to couples, families, and singles.

Our activities included indoor swims, parties, and other events during the cooler weather months. At the swims, activities included the opportunity to play water volleyball, swim a few laps, and socialize with fellow naturists. During the summer, we would travel to landed naturists/nudist clubs around the state and to various clothing-optional sites in Ohio and bordering states.

TBN's policy was "nude when possible, clothed when necessary" While we'd expect those who attend our events to be nude, we'd take a benign attitude for newcomers who need some time to "get naked". Most people in attendance would be nude, but there was no pressure to be nude at our winter swims.

The Buckeye Naturists has ceased operation. If you enjoyed our swimming events, Have Sun Will Travel continues to hold similar events once a month.